Our desire is to provide the best and safest environment for your child.

We appreciate your cooperation!

A receptionist will be in attendance at the Preschool Reception Desk when children are present.


These policies are presented to ensure a safe and happy Christian environment for your children ages birth through three years when they are at church. It is our desire to teach your child and to meet the overall needs of each child emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. The purpose of these policies is to promote understanding between parents and workers.



1.     Bed babies and creepers will be fed bottles during their stay, according to their parents’ instructions and provisions. A private nursing area is provided for nursing mothers.

2.     No child will be fed baby food, cereal etc. by a teacher unless special circumstances exist.

3.     Juice and crackers will be served to the toddlers through three-year-olds during Sunday School.

4.     Please make sure you note any food allergies on your child’s registration form.



1.     The nursery is for children from birth through three years of age.

2.     Children older than nursery age are not permitted in the nursery department at any time.

3.     No one shall leave a child in the nursery for any other reason than when attending a church function or a church-sponsored function.

4.     Parents need to pick up their children as quickly as possible following the function for which the care of the child is required.



Birth through approximately 10-12 months



11 months – 2 years by August 31



Two by September 1



Three by September 1



Will go to kindergarten in the fall



Currently in kindergarten


1. Please take your child to the Preschool Reception Desk. You will then fill out information requested on the sign-in sheet.

2.     The nursery coordinator will decide, based on the number and age of the children, where your child will be placed at any given time.

3.     Parents will be called promptly if needed for any reason.

4.     Parents shall register where they can be located, in case of an emergency, during the time their child is in the nursery department.

5.     Please do not leave your child in an unattended room.

6.     A child who has a fever, who has been exposed to a contagious disease, or who is ill, should not be brought to the nursery department. If a worker suspects a child is sick, a parent will be notified. 

No medication will be given by the nursery workers. 


1.     Parents/guardians please fill out information requested on the sign-in sheet.

2.     You and your child will be given a matching identification card.

3.     You must present your identification card to the nursery worker to pick up your child.ONLY ADULTS ARE ALLOWED TO PICK UP CHILDREN. 

4.     If you have more than one child, a separate card will be issued for each child.

5.     In case you are needed, a nursery worker will find you.

6.     For the safety and security to all our children, teachers are requested to keep doors closed at all times. Please knock and a teacher will assist you. Please do no enter the room.


1.     Label all bottles, diaper bags, coats, sweaters, hats etc. with the child’s name.

2.     Include a change of clothing for younger children.

3.     For the protection of the child, the nursery workers will not use powder, lotion, Vaseline or ointment on a child unless it is included in the child’s diaper bag.