Nursery Care

We love all of our FBC friends–especially our little ones! Infants to preschool children are invited to our nursery care classes during both services and Sunday School. We make sure that our volunteers are trained to care for your little ones well, paying attention to your child’s physical needs and spiritual growth. Feel free to come by our preschool desk at the back left entrance of our building to register your child into his/her classroom!

Sunday School

Sunday School is on Sunday mornings @ 10:20 AM. We have classes for preschool 3′s, and preschool 4′s.

Children’s Worship

Children’s worship happens every Sunday morning during the pastor’s sermon. Children ages 4 through 1st grade are welcome to attend a special service just for them!

Missions and Music

On Wednesday nights, children learn about different parts of the world and the cultures there.  They also study and pray for the missionaries that are serving there.   A great deal of attention is given to prayer time as well. Children also participate in a choir time teaching them about singing in a group and leading in worship.



Preschool Missions and Ministries

Children preschool 3’s and 4’s engage in Preschool TeamKID, that office fun games, crafts, and mission moments.  This time is taught by Anna Claire Vollers and Rachel Davis at 6:30pm on Wednesday nights.